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Custom 3 Birthstone Ring for Mom

Custom 3 Birthstone Ring for Mom

Baguette Atelier client, Kristin, recently welcomed her third child into the world and wanted a ring to represent her three beautiful children! Kristin lives a very active lifestyle, and wanted something that would hold up to daily wear on a farm. She also loves square stones, and wanted to incorporate the birthstones for January (garnet), September (sapphire), and December (blue topaz).

BA design consultants got busy sketching out different designs, and settled on the perfect balance of style and function. The stones would be bezel set and completely encased by metal for security. Kristin noted that she wanted the design to be more “imperfect” and not cookie cutter, so it wouldn’t be as noticeable if she scratched the ring. Note how our jewelers slightly rounded the corners and gave the ring a brush finish in the final ring, shown at the end!


After the design was decided, a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) was created. BA design consultants made sure the bottom of the band was wide enough to hold up to daily wear, but also be comfortable.


Next, the perfect stones were hand selected! To help with the cost, Kristin opted to use a lab created sapphire, alongside a natural garnet and blue topaz.

Left to Right: Lab Created Blue Sapphire, Garnet, and Blue Topaz


The ring was cast in sterling silver, and was ready for stones to be set!


Each stone was set by hand, and the bezels were rounded out to give the ring a more “imperfect” feel that Kristin requested. A brushed finish was added to the silver to help hide scratches!