Pricing + Services

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Jewelry Design Services

Baguette Atelier is a full service custom design and manufacturing house.  We will execute your project from from start to finish. The possibilities are endless!


Full-service jewelry design starting at $750

ReIMagination of Jewelry

Baguette Atelier’s design team can help you reimagine and recreate your jewelry. Your BA personal consultant is ready to help you redesign that piece of jewelry, that for whatever reason, isn’t being worn. By reinterpreting the design and creating new pieces from the original materials, you can happily bring these pieces into your daily life again and keep memories close.

Engagement Ring / Wedding Band Experiences - 

Collaborate with our Baguette Atelier expert stylists to create the perfect symbol of your love. Allow us to guide you through the design and creation process, and create something incredible and unique. Whether your style is traditional or avant-garde, our skilled artisans are available to bring your vision to life.

Diamond Consultation - 

We are the diamond importer, not a middle man, and we are confident in our ability to select the most rare and stunning diamonds in the world. We will educate you and ensure you make the best diamond decision. You will work closely with one of our Baguette Atelier diamond experts who will guide you through the diamond selection process and ensure you select the most brilliant diamond at the best value.