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From Parents’ Wedding Set to Six New Rings

From Parents’ Wedding Set to Six New Rings

Our client, Sandra, inherited her parents wedding rings - her mother’s diamond set, and her father’s classic gold band, pictured below:


Sandra wanted to make a special heirloom ring to give to her sister. She requested a ring that was sturdy enough to wear every day, and that would not be mistaken for a wedding band. Something wide, and something with texture. The Baguette Atelier design team got to work and created the following design with Sandra’s guidance:


Sandra knew her sister would love the design, but wondered what to do with the remaining diamonds from the wedding set. Baguette cut diamond wouldn’t look right in the new, wide band, so the BA design team suggested petite stackable bands for Sandra’s 5 daughters. Sandra loved the idea!


Now that the designs were perfected, we printed wax models that are used to cast the rings in gold:


The artisans at Baguette Atelier carefully melted the gold from the rings together, so the bands are now eternally entwined. We added fresh gold to the mix, and used this metal mix to create all 6 bands. Now each family member has part of both rings in their own heirloom. Here are photos of the rough castings. (Pre diamond setting/polishing)


And finally, diamonds are set, the rings are polished, and we engraved the inside of each new ring with Sandra’s parents initials and wedding date!!

L + B 12-31-58