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Vintage Beauty to Modern Show Stopper

Vintage Beauty to Modern Show Stopper

Our Client, Angela, inherited a stunning emerald and diamond ring from her mother.

10789711680_IMG_4386 (1).jpg

Angela has a cool, modern style and wanted to update the ring into something that would match her wardrobe. Baguette Atelier worked to come up with a design she could incorporate into her everyday wear. After perusing an idea board created just for Angela by a BA Consultant, she chose the following ring as inspiration for her new design.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 4.06.07 PM.png

Next, Baguette Atelier designers got to work creating a CAD design that would utilize 100% of the original materials - stones and metal. Angela prefers heavier jewelry, so we took this basic design and added weight for security and style. CAD below:


In order to ensure the design was perfect for such a sentimental piece, we created a rendering, which is a more realistic view of the design for Angela to approve:


Now that we had the design confirmed, it was time to get started creating the ring. First step - a wax model is printed:


We melted down the metal and added more platinum to the mix. The ring was cast using the metal mix from the original ring. All the stones from the original ring were then set by hand into the new casting. Voila!


As a finishing touch, we engraved Angela’s mother’s name into the inside of the shank of the ring to honor it’s original owner. Now, Angela can wear and enjoy her mother’s ring every day!