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Rough Agate Slices to Polished Pendants

Rough Agate Slices to Polished Pendants

Our client, Annette, inherited several Montana Agate slices from her late Uncle. Baguette Atelier was tasked with the important job of cutting and polishing the agates, and creating custom silver pendants for the cut stones. Our BA stone cutter suggested a smooth cabochon cut to enhance the beauty of the stones. Pictured below are before and after photos of the Agate Slices. Notice the faint outlines of oval shapes on some of the rough stones - Annette’s uncle drew these markings and it was incredibly significant that we were able to take his guidance and execute the project as he intended!  

Once the agates were cut to perfection, the team at Baguette Atelier got to work and designed a classic bezel pendant. First, we created a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to present Annette and ensure she loved the design - and she did!

Next, we used the CAD to print a wax model. The wax model is used to cast the silver pendants. We cast the bale and the stone setting in two pieces and then attached them with a ring to allow movement when the pendants are worn.

The stones are set, the metal is polished, and we have beautiful pendants ready to enjoy!

“I looked for several years to find artists to make pendants out of these stones. I found either people who make jewelry or people who polish stones, but I didn’t find anyone who did both. The fact that I found a company that produces jewelry for retail stores resulted in high quality even for this small order. The pendants will be a very special way to remember our uncle.”