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Heirloom Jewelry Redesign with Lani Ton-Nu

Heirloom Jewelry Redesign with Lani Ton-Nu

Lifestyle influencer and fashionista, Lani Ton-Nu, had a sentimental ruby and diamond bracelet passed down from her great-godmother. After being loved and enjoyed by two generations of women, Lani found the sentimental piece sitting in her jewelry box more often than being worn. Baguette Atelier was thrilled to work with Lani to convert this heirloom bangle into a piece that fits Lani’s style and can be worn on a daily basis!


Lani’s BA design consultant got to work sketching a beautiful necklace that would showcase the diamonds and rubies from the heirloom bracelet, and fit Lani’s updated style.

Image from iOS.png

Once Lani approved the sketch, custom bezels were created in Computer-Aided Design (CAD).


The CAD was used to print wax models of the bezels that would eventually house the rubies and diamonds.


Next - we used the gold from Lani’s bangle to cast the bezels. The new, fashion forward necklace contains all the original materials!


Baguette Atelier artisans hand set and assembled the necklace for the final reveal!


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