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Diamond Ring Redesign with Madeleine of Moderately High Maintenance

Baguette Atelier recently collaborated with lifestyle blogger and influencer Madeleine Raiford-Holland of Moderately High Maintenance to redesign a dated gold ring. The ring contained several lovely diamonds, but was large and bulky. Madeleine wanted a daintier look to better fit her modern style.


Our BA design consultant created several sketches based on Madeleine’s style for her to choose from. The new designs reduced the metal bulk and refocused attention to the modern lines of baguette shaped diamonds.


Once Madeleine chose the design she wanted, we created a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) using the exact measurements of the diamonds from the original ring. We sent the CAD to Madeleine so she could see exactly what to expect of the final ring before moving on to production.


Once Madeleine approved the CAD design, we used a 3D printer to print a wax model of the ring. We sent Madeleine photo updates as we completed production stages so she could watch the transformation of her ring!


The next step was to remove the diamonds and melt down the old ring. We used the recycled gold from the original ring to cast the new ring.


The last step was setting the diamonds into the new ring, then we gave it a final clean and polish. Madeleine’s dated, bulky ring now has a fresh and modern look that she can wear every day!


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