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Modern Ring Redesign for Fashion Week

Modern Ring Redesign for Fashion Week

Julia Comil is a French American style blogger and founder of Mode RSVP. She describes her style as edgy and effortless chic, so this outdated gold and diamond ring wasn't going to make the cut for her trips to fashion week in NYC and Paris. 

Our design team at BA was thrilled to help! We imagined a design that echoed the original ring, but had a more polished, high fashion vibe. The new ring would also utilize more negative space to have the effect of a statement ring without being too heavy on Julia's finger.  


After working with Julia to make sure our sketch lined up with her vision, we got to work on the CAD (computer aided design). This shows us the exact dimensions and weight of the ring, so we could make sure that it wouldn't be too heavy or large for Julia. 

Once Julia approved the CAD, we moved forward with printing a wax model using a 3D printer.

The wax model is used to create a mould, which we use to cast the ring using gold from the original ring. 

After casting, the ring is cleaned and polished. Finally, the diamonds we removed from the old ring are set into the new ring!

The new ring now has a modern, versatile look that Julia can wear all the time!

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